SELECT `t_d`.`attribute_id`, `e`.`entity_id`, `t_d`.`value` AS `default_value`, `t_s`.`value` AS `store_value`, IF(t_s.value_id IS NULL, t_d.value, t_s.value) AS `value` FROM `catalog_category_entity_varchar` AS `t_d` INNER JOIN `catalog_category_entity` AS `e` ON e.entity_id = t_d.entity_id LEFT JOIN `catalog_category_entity_varchar` AS `t_s` ON t_s.attribute_id = t_d.attribute_id AND t_s.entity_id = t_d.entity_id AND t_s.store_id = 1 WHERE (e.entity_id IN (3, 14)) AND (t_d.attribute_id IN ('45', '117')) AND (t_d.store_id = IFNULL(t_s.store_id, 0))
Fatal error: Namespace declaration statement has to be the very first statement or after any declare call in the script in /var/www/html/pub/errors/processorFactory.php on line 6