About 1800Keyways

1800keyways.com, the leading internet KEY WHOLESALER. Yes, we have that KEY! We stock over 20,000 different keys blanks, including KW1 and SC1 keys (at low prices), transponder keys , hard to find and discontinued keys, painted and team keys. We sell to Auto Dealerships (both new and used), locksmiths, hardware stores, real estate offices, UPS/Pakmail outlets, shoe repair and individuals as well.


KEYWAYS is the leading internet wholesaler of key blanks. We stock over 20,000 different blanks, including discontinued and hard-to-find keys. In addition, we are constantly updating our inventory with the newest keys to hit the market, including transponder and electronic keys. KEYWAYS also offers their own line of proprietary painted/designer keys, at prices so LOW we keep our manufacturer busy with reorder after reorder. Can’t find your key? Contact us and we will find it for you. KEYWAYS – Yes, we have that KEY!!